HR versus Marketing — The Next C-Suite Confrontation

This time the battle will not be over Pixels, but over People.

Purpose over Policy

In a Purpose-driven organization, the real opportunity doesn’t lie in articulating what is allowed…but what is possible.

Culture as a Differentiator

If culture can create meaningful and sustainable differentiation, and that differentiation drives customer preference and loyalty, it is inevitable that forward-thinking CMO’s will want to ensure they have a firm hand in both creating and nurturing their organizational culture.

Brand Experience = Customer Experience AND Employee Experience

If creating a world-class brand experience remains the remit of CMO’s, and without fully-engaged employees that’s not possible, it stands to reason that employee experience and engagement should fall under that remit too.



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Hilton Barbour

Hilton Barbour

Networker. Marketing Provocateur. Loves travelling - love my 2 daughters more. Perpetually curious.